98% of orgs with Office 365 harbor malicious emails inside their mailboxes. Threats like ransomware, spear phishing, and account takeover put your organization and employees at significant risk. Find out what’s hiding in your inbox.

Via security assessment, we can quickly identify security gaps, patches and software updates that are out of date, then advise steps to fix.

Via short questionnaire, we'll help you determine whether weakness exist in the way you protect your confidential data. In a few minutes, we'll produce a comprehensive profile of strengths and vulnerabilities of your IT security. Let us show you where protections should be placed before those vulnerabilities are exploited.

LA-Cyber can directly submit suspicious URLs and files through the ISAO’s Cyber Forum for rapid analysis to determine if they are known or zero-day cybersecurity threats.

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l contacted LA and they reviewed my network, installed a working backup and had it up and backing up my network in the same day...

Peter C.

CIO, Western New York Real Estate Association
Data Protection, Backup & Recovery Client

Our organization has been using LA for almost 4 years and I cannot say enough good things about them.

Mary G.

WNY Branch of Federal Government, Law Enforcement – Information & Data Destruction Client

I have worked with Bill at LA for many years. When l started my own company in 2010 my first call was to Bill. It was one less thing I had to think about because I knew my company's data wound be secure.

Lisa M.

President, WNY Financial Services Business - Data Protection, Backup & Recovery Client)

The LA staff are always willing and able to help find solutions to our problems and needs.

Debi B.

Manager, WNY Medical Practice – Information Storage & Destruction Client

The people at LA are always friendly and responsive… Whatever I need, they get done.

Curt A.

WNY Law Firm Administrator - Information Storage & Destruction Client

l am writing to acknowledge the excellent customer service l have received from LA over the past 10 plus years...

Rachel K.

Manager, WNY Healthcare Business - Information Storage & Destruction Client

As a long-time customer of LA - for 10 plus years; Bill Palisano and his team have done a tremendous job servicing our company. It has been and continues to be a great working relationship.

Jim B.

Corporate Services Manager – Large WNY Manufacturer - Information Storage & Destruction Client

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Ransomware attacks... Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks... Or the Biggest threat of all, is the "Lack of Awareness" of the potential dangers and costs of these cyber security threats. We can help you protect yourself... Let us show you how.

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LACyber's main office is located at 155 Great Arrow, Buffalo New York. Our main office phone number is (716) 871-7040.


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