Data Breach Defense

Cyber Security, Breach Readiness, Risk Mitigation, Data Breach Compliance and Defense.

About LACyber:

LACyber, founded in 2018 is a Division of Lincoln Archives, Inc. This Division is focused specifically on Data Security, Cyber Defense, Breach Readiness and Breach Response services.

Lincoln Archives has provided several data protection services for many years, (as early as in 1998), but we realized that most people think of Lincoln Archives as “just “a records storage” company, or “just a document shredding” company. Lincoln Archives has consistently added several new Information and Data Protection products and services to support our clients, so much so we wanted to differentiate the two service lines We’ve strived to anticipate client needs of the future and provide relevant services to satisfy those needs.

LACyber’s goal is to work with WNY’s small to medium sized businesses and help reduce risks associated with the ever-growing threats from hacking, data breaches, data losses and resulting fines, penalties and legal liabilities. Not to mention, saving your good reputation (and potentially saving your business).

LACyber is in alignment with Lincoln Archives’ core mission, which has never wavered since we started the business in 1993: "We protect information. Period".