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Holding Up The Town

(Uploaded: 2020-06-29 13:35:20 -- Author: Angelica Minoia)

Holding Up The Town

When you think of being held up, typically the first few things that come to mind is traffic, work, or even a bank being held up by a burglar. The interesting thing is that whole towns can get held up from things that aren't traffic, natural disasters, or violent criminals. An unexpected thing that entire towns can get held up by is ransomware.

A Time machine

When a whole towns data is attacked by ransomware, they end up taking a trip down memory lane. These towns have to resort to doing business with pen and paper. It's as if they are revisiting the 20th century again. Towns such as Albany, Baltimore, and Laredo are experiencing crippling and expensive ransomware attacks.

The Cover Up and Cost

With ransomware attacks, attackers do anything to cover up their identities in order to get what they want. For example, a town in Florida was held up for $460,000 before they could access their data again. Had they stored their data offline, they would be able to prevent themselves from having to burden themselves with the high cost of retrieving their data.

Best Practices

First, do not give in to ransoms. Doing so encourages more ransomware attacks. Second, make sure you have a solid data storage strategy in place. This can be done by data storage via tape. Data storage via tape is an inexpensive alternative method of storing data offline. It can be done for less than $1.00/TB of storage. This is perfect for the tight budgets of municipalities. Tape storage allows for complete protection of inactive data from ransomware and malware.

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