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Unexpected Breaches In Western New York

(Uploaded: 2020-06-02 15:03:23 -- Author: Angelica Minoia)

It can be really scary to think about breaches that have happened locally in your own backyard. This is one of those nightmares that is right in front of you.

The Nightmare Lives

  • Affected accounts:

  • 28 faculty and staff accounts

  • 862 alumni accounts

  • 1,800 student accounts

These are the last things you want to see about your organization online. The numbers above are from a large local state university, University at Buffalo. In 2018 over 2,000 UB accounts were compromised. This happened in 2018 and happened again at another local university, Niagara University in 2020 with a ransomware attack.

Prevention Measures

These events could have been prevented, especially with the 862 alumni accounts which are assumed to be inactive data. The main way and most inexpensive way this can be done is through data storage via tape through the steps below.


  • First and foremost, data storage via tape offers a method of airgap defense. It means that Third Parties cannot wirelessly penetrate your wireless data. This is a weakness of the more popular cloud storage. Data storage via tape can optimize your budget with the added benefit of mitigating risk of cyber attacks.

  • Legal retention

  • As with many industries, there is a minimum period that records need to be retained. In other words, there could be inactive data sitting on your physical or cloud servers waiting for a breach. Data storage via tape provides a low cost method of storing your inactive data safely and off site in a secure environment.

  • Ease of Use

  • Finally, its important to touch on the ease of use for data storage via tape. This can be summed up by one simple statement, if you can use a jump drive, you already know how to utilize tape technology. It’s that simple!

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