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Is Long Term Data Storage via Tape Still Used?

(Uploaded: 2020-05-13 14:59:12 -- Author: Angelica Minoia)

Most people when they think of Data Storage Via Tape, they think outdated and stuck in the previous century. You might not have thought of tape since the days of Blockbuster. The worst part is, you may not have even realized that data storage via tape is still an option or an option at all. Below are some reasons why data storage via tape is still relevant.

  1. Data Storage Via Tape is incredibly inexpensive

  2. There is an insane volume of data that is projected by 2025. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), there will be 175 zettabytes of data. Data storage via tape provides your team with extreme cost cutting measures to safely store your data. This option of data storage sells storage on a per TB basis versus a per GB basis. For example, you can store your data for less than 0.02/TB per month.

  3. Safety and Air Gap Defense

  4. Cyberattacks can and will hurt your firms' reputation. In the United States, 76 percent of firms experienced a Cyberattack in 2019. This was up from 50 percent in 2015. Data storage via tape can store dormant, inactive data or cold data in a safe manner off site in a secure and temperature-controlled environment. This will protect your inactive data from a breach or ransomware.

  5. Compliance and Retention

  6. To remain in compliance, you must retain your inactive data for a specified period of time. This can be done inexpensively through tape. For example, data storage via tape can protect it for up to 30 years.

    Along with that, the value of retaining data is unmatched. Data is the currency of the digital economy. Data is important when it comes to predicative analytics when it comes to understanding consumer behavior. This allows for having a deeper understanding of what drives customer loyalty and customer retention.

  7. Ease of use and Speed

  8. Storing and retrieving data with this method of data storage is quick and easy. If you can drag a folder to a jump drive then you can use LTO. It's that easy!

    Overall data storage via tape is not your stereotypical legacy hardware. Long term data storage via tape is still being used and its' growth is accelerating. The technology and raw storage volume capacity is evolving faster than ever. For more information, visit our website or try out our short and fun quiz.

Long term data storage via tape is still being used and will continue to be used. It is evolving faster than ever. To learn more, reach out to LACyber at or 716-245-7878

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