Security Operations Center (SOC)

At LACyber, we have the tools and personnel in place for Remote Management & Monitoring of your network. For many clients, this service is all you want and need. When our systems advise that there is an issue, we respond and remediate until situation is resolved. Period.

But, some clients want a little more than that. Some want monitoring via a Security Operations Center that is staffed 24/7/365. And, we have that, too…

We have partnered with leading SOC’s right here in Western New York. This is a specialty we do not have under our roof, but that’s okay. We know what we’re great at, and running a staffed operation 24/7 is not what most of our clients are asking for. But, protecting information for 27+ years and being part of WNY’s InfoTech ecosystem, we’ve seen a lot, assisted many clients (even if we didn’t provide that specific service), and met some really smart, talented experts. We have relationships with the best of the best.

One size does NOT fit all, and we’ll match you with the best SOC that fits your needs. Start here, and we’ll connect you. We’ll be in the background. You’ll work directly with them, we’re here for support. Our expertise here is twenty-seven (27) years of seeing things, knowing who can perform best and creating those long standing relationships that you can count on.

How much do the services cost?

Because this service is very specific per individual need, we’ll have to gather some intel first. Use the form below and we’ll reach out for specs, and details, then match you with our specialist, who will advise on costs.

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Bundled Services Pricing will be offered for any combination of recurring services contracted with ANY of the Lincoln Family of Companies (LACyber, Lincoln Archives, Biosan Disposal, Lincoln Distribution, Lincoln Warehousing, Lincoln Storage, Lincoln Self Storage, Lincoln Moving & Storage, WNY Foreign Trade Zones Operators).