LACyber: Emergency Mobile Power Service

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Our Emergency Power Vehicle can quickly get you back in business in the event of a power failure...

If your electrical power goes out and you need a fast, short-term solution to get your business back up and running, LACyber can help.  

LACyber offers Western New York's first and only dedicated Emergency Mobile Power Unit for Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity with enough "juice'' to operate ALL of your critical information delivery systems. That means everything from lights and phones to your email, web servers, network, and desktops.   

Here's how it Works:

    1. Just call us at 716-871-7040 and we'll be at your location in two hours or less. 

    2: Once on site, we'll secure our Emergency Mobile Power Unit and test everything to ensure complete functionality. 

    3. We'll also supply all the outlets, power strips, heavy-duty extension cords, line filters and power smoothers that your critical systems require. 

    4. Our certified technicians will coordinate the entire process and be there, as your designated personnel brings your critical systems back on line. Our Emergency Power Unit will remain in place until your regular power is restored. 

Our Emergency Mobile Power Unit provides clean, consistent, filtered power. It's available to any business in the Greater Buffalo area, with priority given to our existing, recurring clients. This is a first come, first served scenario.

Contact Information:

155 Great Arrow
Buffalo, New York
(716) 871-7040

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