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Email Security

Advanced Threat Protection with Zero-hour Detection: “Watch our 3 minute Video!”:

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Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test, Firewall Log Review,
SIEM Services, Anti-virus Review & Security Patching.

Advanced Threat Protection Scan your Email for Existing Threats: “Watch our 2 minute Video!”:

Intrusion & Infection Defense

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) analyzes inbound email attachments with most MIME types and publicly accessible direct download links in a separate, secured cloud sandbox, detecting new threats and determining whether to block such messages. ATP offers protection against advanced malware, zero-day exploits, and targeted attacks not detected by the Barracuda Email Security Gateway virus scanning features.

To increase effectiveness and performance, Barracuda’s Advanced Threat Protection uses micro-services to create a multilayered scanning infrastructure that blocks known and unknown threats:

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