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a division of Lincoln Archives Inc.

Document Storage

Document Storage services are provided LACyber’s parent company, Lincoln Archives.

Reduce your cost for file storage and management and gain office space overnight! Enjoy no-cost, hassle-free transfer from your current vendor to Lincoln Archives.

Information Management services available 24/7, 365 which includes your ability to access your account information and custom reports through our secure web site. 

Document Storage Process:

  • Pack your Documents in our convenient Storage Cartons 

  • Our bonded personnel will pick up and transport your information to our secure facility through our secured vehicles.

  • We will then scan and barcode your cartons & contents for easy retrieval should you need to access the carton or documents. 

Whether it’s a scheduled, rush or an emergency job, we'll make sure you get your information when you need it the most.
Lincoln Archives is proud to be a member of Prism

Contact Information:

155 Great Arrow
Buffalo, New York
(716) 871-7040

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