LACyber: Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning

Document Scanning services are provided by LACyber’s parent company, Lincoln Archives Inc.

Whether you want to digitize all your documents or "scan on demand" we can convert your paper records to searchable, digital images thus eliminating the need for file cabinets and excess storage space.

Document Scanning Process:

1. Pick Up - Our bonded personnel will pick up and transport your information to our secure facility through our secured vehicles.

2. Scan – Documents will then be scanned and indexed. 

3. Store - Scanned documents can be stored on an encripted hard-drive, CD/DVD or Thumb-Drive. 

4. Shred/Store - Converted documents can either be securely shredded or physically stored.

Contact Information:

155 Great Arrow
Buffalo, New York
(716) 871-7040

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