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The growth of data being created is rapidly accelerating. Technologies to store and protect it while driving costs down are racing to keep up. Cloud storage is a seemingly inexpensive tool, but even these costs continue to creep up. Instant access to rapidly changing and highly transactional data is a must. Yet, this instant access also presents a risk, especially today, with malware and ransomware attacks. Some estimate that over 90% of all stored data is accessed only once or not at all.

This begs these questions:

  1. How much of your data is critical and requires instant access?

  2. How much of your data is valuable, yet not necessarily requires instant access?

  3. How much of your data sits idle and is kept purely for compliance & legal requirements?

  4. How much money do you waste by storing ALL information the exact same way?

Unless you study this stuff, you’re probably not aware of the rapid capacity growth, speed of access, ease of use and extreme cost cutting benefits of Linear Tape Open (LTO) technology, along with Linear Tape File System (LTFS). Here are a few facts:

  1. Currently, LTO-8 tapes can store 30 TB on a single tape, with future generations mapped to store up to 480 TB per.

  2. With LTFS, files, folders, storage arrays, etc. can simply be ‘dragged and dropped’ onto a tape; no TMS required.

  3. Because tapes are ‘offline’ this presents an ‘Air Gap’ security layer defense against malware & ransomware.

  4. Under proper conditions, the media life of tape is greater than 30 years.

  5. Storing less active, dormant or legally required retained data on tape allows for Extreme Cost Cutting.

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