Backup Tape Vaulting and Rotation

Ransomware can wreak havoc on your secure information! As many backups are now connected to a digital network and potentially in ransomware's line of fire, these can become encrypted and unusable, along with any other digital file.

In fact, according to a Barkly survey of those who experienced a ransomware attack, only 42% were able to successfully recover from a backup.

One of the reasons? Backup drives also became encrypted.

With tape, there is a gap between it’s information and the computer systems. Disk drives remain on-line and are particularly vulnerable to an attack.

Tape technology prevents electronic cyberattack access to the data because a tape cartridge removed from the system is no longer accessible electronically.

That’s where Data Backup via Tape becomes the best option!

Not only is it the best route to avoid ransomware attacks, but tape comes in at the lowest price per GB as well. Its total cost is 15 times lower than that of hard disk drives.

Compared to HDD's 14TB capacity, current LTO 8’s hold 15TB, or 30TB of data when compressed, making them not only more cost efficient but also capable of more storage capacity. Future LTO generation, LTO Roadmap, are calling for capacities of 96 TB when compressed!

63% of organizations expect to increase or at least maintain their tape storage footprint for the foreseeable future.

About 90% of organizations use tape in some capacity today!

Tape is a great backup media for long term retention!

Energy costs for tape are typically less than 5% of what they would be for equivalent HDD capacity. Not to mention, tape lasts 30+ years, compared to four or five years for HDD.

With LTO increasing tape capacity by 1,400%,
performance by 200%
reliability by 9,900%

Tape is cheap, effective, and secure!

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