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Cloud Based Backup & Recovery

In today’s complex infrastructures—combining on-premises, virtual, cloud-hosted, and SaaS environments—presents challenges that competing backup solutions can’t adequately meet. At best, you’ll spend a lot more time and money managing and maintaining multiple solutions. At worst, gaps in coverage leave your data vulnerable. Choose one or several services to work together to protect your data.

Cloud Based Backup & Recovery

Designed from the ground up for the cloud-integrated systems, get the flexibility to easily back up data wherever it resides. In a simple to configure and manage device and totally automated, we’ll work with you to truly get a “set it and forget it” solution.

Cloud to Cloud

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Service backs up all of your Office 365 data to secure Cloud Storage with no need for on-premises infrastructure. You can back up data on demand or according to an automated schedule. All Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business data is deduplicated and compressed for maximum storage efficiency and reduced backup windows. You can also back-up Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

Backup Tape Vaulting and Rotation Services

As environmental or man-made disasters could put both your data and the continuity of your business in jeopardy, it’s not enough to simply back up your data. In order to truly protect information, you also need to store your data at a remote location. Have your backup tapes securely transported between your facility and our climate-controlled facility inside our locked vehicles, in specially-designed, locked containers. Our vaults feature fire suppression systems, key-pad entry, video monitoring and security alarms.

Long Term Data Storage & Archiving

Let’s face it, some companies need to backup and archive a huge amount of data, which may never be accessed. Tape technology, cost-effectiveness, and storage capacity have advanced so rapidly that every data storage professional should be aware of it. Storing data at LESS THAN TWO CENTS PER TERABYTE PER MONTH, That’s right, LESS THAN TWO CENTS PER TERABYTE PER MONTH. Sounds crazy, but TRUE. Let us show you the math.  

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