AT&T Data Breach: Impact Extends to 51 Million Customers

AT&T has confirmed a data breach impacting 51 million former and current customers, after previously denying ownership of the leaked data. The breach, initially reported in 2021 by threat actor ShinyHunters and later by 'MajorNelson', exposed personal information including names, email addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, and AT&T account details. Although AT&T claims no financial data or call history was compromised, the breach still poses significant risks to affected individuals.

Despite being notified about the breach as early as March 17th, 2024, AT&T delayed confirming the breach and notifying customers until March 26th, 2024. In response, AT&T is offering one year of identity theft protection and credit monitoring services, although this may not sufficiently mitigate the risks given the extensive timeframe during which the data has been circulating in the cybercrime community.

Suggested Corrections:
Affected individuals should take immediate steps to protect themselves, including enrolling in the identity theft protection and credit monitoring services offered by AT&T. They should also monitor their accounts and credit reports closely for any signs of suspicious activity.