General Electric, DARPA Hack Claims Raise National Security Concerns

Cyber Security Threat Summary:
General Electric, an American multinational conglomerate that has several divisions including aerospace, power, and renewable energy, is investigating claims that a threat actor breached its development environment and leaked allegedly stolen data. The development comes after a threat actor named IntelBroker posted to a dark forum claiming to have access to General Electric’s development and software pipelines. The actor further shared a screenshot of what appears to be data stolen from General Electric, advertising it for sale to potential buyers. This includes “DARPA-related military information, files, SQL files, and documents.” Although the breach hasn’t been officially confirmed, a spokesperson for General Electric stated that the company is looking into the matter and will take appropriate measures to ensure the integrity of its systems.

Security Officer Comments:
IntelBroker has a reputation for launching successful high-profile attacks, including a recent breach against a Weee! grocery service that led to the theft of sensitive personal information from the District of Columbia's D.C. Health Link program, used by many White House and House staffers and their families. Although General Electric is still investigating the claims, with DARPA-related data being potentially accessed, this could lead to classified information on weapons programs, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) research being leaked, raising national security concerns.