US, Japan and South Korea Unite to Counter North Korean Cyber Activities

Cyber Security Threat Summary:
The United States, Japan, and South Korea are set to establish a high-level consultative body designed to counter North Korea’s cyber activities. The development comes after the US Deputy National Security Adviser, Anne Neuberger engaged in discussions with her South Korean and Japanese counterparts in Washington last week. As part of the new body, officials from each of the countries will hold quarterly meetings to enhance response capabilities to fight the growing threat imposed by North Korean actors.

Security Officer Comments:
North Korean threat actors are mainly motivated by financial gain, with groups hacking cryptocurrency infrastructure across the globe to bring in funding that will help finance North Korea’s missile program. According to a US official, cyber attacks make up 50% of Pyongyang’s foreign currency earnings. As a countermeasure, the US government has sanctioned a number of cryptocurrency exchanges used by North Korean actors to launder funds stolen from victims.

In addition to cryptocurrency laundering, North Korean threat groups have been trying to covertly steal secrets from organizations across the globe including those involved in Submarine technology. Such secrets are utilized to further improve the regime’s technological and military capabilities.