MetaStealer Malware is Targeting Enterprise macOS Users

Cyber Security Threat Summary:
A new strain of macOS malware is targeting enterprise users, as indicated by file names and content. Some versions of this malware, called MetaStealer, masquerade as Adobe files, while others use deceptive methods like password-protected ZIP files sent by fake clients. Once opened, these files reveal an app disguised as a PDF, “The files have been uploaded to VirusTotal, along with a comment from the uploader that they were contacted by someone pretending to be a client, who sent them a password-protected ZIP file containing that DMG file. Once opened, it would reveal an app disguised as a PDF” (HelpNetSecurity, 2023).

The MetaStealer bundles contain an obfuscated Go-based executable that can exfiltrate the macOS keychain, steal passwords, and files. Unusually, this malware specifically targets business users, deviating from the typical distribution via torrent sites or third-party software distributors. These malware samples are Intel x86_64 binaries and cannot run on Apple's M1 and M2 machines without Rosetta, “The applications inside the MetaStealer disk images contain the minimum required to form a valid macOS bundle, namely an Info.plist file, a Resources folder containing an icon image and a MacOS folder containing the malicious executable,” noted Phil Stokes, threat researcher at SentinelOne’’ (HelpNetSecurity, 2023).

Security Officer Comments:
As macOS devices gain popularity in enterprise environments, cybercriminals have turned their attention to developing macOS-specific malware. Some variants of MetaStealer, a malware strain, have been observed posing as TradingView, similar to another malware called Atomic Stealer. Both MetaStealer and Atomic Stealer are Go-based and use osascript to display error messages. However, researchers have not identified significant code, infrastructure, or delivery method similarities between them. This raises the possibility that different individuals or teams are employing similar techniques for separate objectives. This targeting of business users represents an unusual approach for macOS malware, which is typically distributed through torrent sites or suspicious third-party software distributors as cracked versions of popular software.

Suggested Correction(s):
All Mac users are advised to ensure they have an adequate security solution in place and IT and security teams are encouraged to review the comprehensive list of IoCs below.

MetaStealer Droppers AdobeOfficialBriefDescription.dmg 00b92534af61a61923210bfc688c1b2a4fecb1bb

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Mach-O Binaries – Intel x86_64
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