File Sharing Site Anonfiles Shuts Down Due to Overwhelming Abuse

Cyber Security Threat Summary:
Anonfiles, a popular service for sharing files anonymously, has shut down after saying it can no longer deal with the overwhelming abuse by its users. Anonfiles is an anonymous file-sharing site that allows people to share files anonymously without their activity being logged. However, it soon became one of the most popular file-sharing services used by threat actors to share samples of stolen data, stolen credentials, and copyrighted material. Five days ago, Anonfiles users began reporting that the service would time out when attempting to upload files. As spotted by cybersecurity researcher g0njxa, the Anonfiles operators have now shut down the service, stating that their proxy provider recently shut them down and that they can no longer deal with the overwhelming amount of abusive material uploaded to the site.

Suggested Correction(s):
The shutdown of Anonfiles is expected with many individuals using the site to promote malware, tech support scams, and unwanted Google Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. In the past couple of years, several malvertising campaigns have been spotted on Anonfiles including RedLine, stealer, Amadey botnet, VIdar stealer, STOP ransomware, etc. Although Anonfiles has made efforts to ban such files, the overwhelming submissions have taken a toll on site administrators. With the recent shutdown, Anonfiles is now looking for someone to purchase their domain, likely to launch their own file-sharing service. However, if a new service is created, this will just create an opportunity for threat actors to promote their various malware and scams once again.